2013 Lynch

I had communicated with the Buyer (Edwin W. Lynch, Jr. and Andrew J. Somerville, III) for years but could never get the Buyer to stop inserting "Individual" into his Commitment for Title Insurance such as in Exhibit C in the Complaint against me. The Trust Agreement states that the Trustee is not individually liable.

In recent years the Buyer has been operating in total secrect from me. The Buyer, the B&K law firm, Jean Nader, and who ever else may be working with them are doing it in total secrect from me. I am completely shut out. I have no idea what they are doing but the total secrecy does not bode well. Using a trusting family member as unwitting cover may be the perfect cover. If the secrecy is not removed I'm dead

My letter of September 2, 2014, letter to the Buyer did not get a response:

Certified mail-return receipt requested 701229200000 31179785

Anthony O'Connell
439 South Vista Del Rio
Green Valley. Arizona 85614
September 2, 2014

Edward W. Lynch, Jr.
Long Branch Partners, L. L. C.
6715 Little River Turnpike
Suite 100
Annandale, Virginia 22030

Your June 20, 2013, sales contract with "Jean Mary O'Connell Nader"

Dear Bill:
Why do you not recognize the October 16, 1992 Deed at Bk8307p1446? Why do you
think our trusting sister Jean Nader has the legal capacity to contract?

If you think this deed should not be recognized please tell me why. Ed Prichard, the
same Ed Prichard that your family trusted and used, prepared this deed.

Please send me a copy of your title commitment and give me your email address. Why
the secrecy?

Thank you.

Anthony O’Connell, TrusteeI'm dead